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Introduction - Working with the Excel or CSV file

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    • New Products - using Excel to add products

      Please find attached: - a blank template to start you off. An Excel file as a "Product Upload" template to start you off. To send the product images: You can use a free service online (like to send all of your product images at once ...
    • How do I reduce my image file sizes?

      Image File Size Limitation: For all product images, we have a 750KB limit of filesize upload.  A 750KB image is a good picture on screen, and many Seller images average at around 70KB. In this way we can ensure that pages load up quickly - which is ...
    • I get an error when trying to upload images

      Due to our image file size limitation, you may receive an error when trying to upload images larger than 1000KB. See Article "Images - How do I Reduce My Image File Sizes?"
    • How to send my images to Shtotty Tech Support for uploading to my store

      Once you finished setting up your Excel sheet (for bulk uploading many products at a time), you will need to send us your images. Please use a service such as, where you can upload many pictures at a time, and is free of charge.   ...