How do I reduce my image file sizes?

How do I reduce my image file sizes?

Image File Size Limitation:

For all product images, we have a 750KB limit of filesize upload. 

A 750KB image is a good picture on screen, and many Seller images average at around 70KB.

In this way we can ensure that pages load up quickly - which is needed for Google Ranking.

The file size of an image is affected by the size of the image.  So if you resize your image to a normal 640x480, which is a large image when looking on a computer screen, and gigantic when viewing on a mobile device, you should be able to reduce your image size drastically.   

(Please note that the advantage of high resolution images are only for printing purposes and not online viewing).

Bulk Resizing Photos

If you would like to "Bulk Resize" many images at a time we recommend Fast Stone Photo Resizer, free to use at:

Once you open your directory of images, you will see them on the left window.   

Click the appropriate arrows to move the images into the right screen where they will be queued for resizing.

Make sure to choose an "output folder" so you'll know where to find your resized images.

Then click "Advanced Options" (not the "Settings" button which will be discussed below).  If you don't see this button, click on the checkbox "Use Advanced Options" first.

On the window that pops up, in the first tab "Resize" make sure the top left checkbox is selected, which when is ticked, will display more options. 

You can further reduce file size by reducing the quality of the image.  This is usually not necessary, but this option could be found by clicking the "Settings" button.

Finally, click the bottom "Convert" button to batch resize your photos.